Why is it important to carry an international driving license?

The question most frequently asked by tourists who are willing to drive a vehicle on their trip to a foreign country.

Why is it important to carry an international driving license; Well, the answer
is quite elaborate. The international driving license and the international driving permit are two
different documents issued by the government. While traveling abroad both documents are
demanded by the car rental services to provide you the service. An international driving license is
required when you are traveling to a country whose language they do not mention on your IDP.
IDL can also be used as an alternative to identification cards in a country where English is not
the official language.
Several companies offer the service of providing IDL, therefore get the service from a reputable
company. The official criteria to apply for IDL is that the age of the applicant has to be 18 years..
If you will travel internationally for a long period, IDL is going to be very helpful for you. The U.S.
driving license is not accepted in many countries, therefore carrying an IDL will save you from
many problems. The international driving license which is issued by the agency called “IDL
TRAVEL” has to be in accordance with the IDP. The IDP service providers are available all
across the world. IDP is acceptable in more than 150 countries, giving the facility of driving a
vehicle in every county you visit.
The international driving license and international driving permit are both required in order to be
allowed to drive a vehicle while you are on an international trip. In case one of the two
documents is missing, you can not avail of the service.

Tips on traveling with an IDL Car Rental:

If you got the IDP and IDL, you are legally permitted to drive a vehicle internationally. Different
countries have different rules of traffic and you might find yourself in a totally strange situation
and hardly able to navigate through the rules. A best practice is that you study the traffic manual
of a country before driving anywhere around the world. Following are some major tips that could
help you on roads internationally.
Prior to your travel, make sure that you have researched the traffic rules and regulations of the
country you’re visiting. You might find it hard to remember the different rules of different countries,
therefore, it would be better to keep the manual for the traffic rules of the country you’re
currently visiting. The legal time allowed for foreign drivers varies in countries. Check the driving
rules of the country prior to visiting to know every minute detail. Some countries have the
requirement for foreign drivers to provide particular permits, and won’t allow you to drive.

on the highways even if you give tolls. Driving while not having a license can lead to heavy
fines. Varying traffic rules can leave you wondering and confused. For instance, there are
countries that require you to turn the lights on or give a horn before taking a turn on a cross.
If you rent a car overseas, make sure you have insurance.
This can prevent much financial and legal traffic. Many policies issued in the United States
have limited access to Americans who drive overseas for some time. For example, your
personal policy will not be respected if you go overseas on business. If you are not fulfilling the
mentioned criteria of the country, you can still avail of the services from a private rental service.

International laws and IDLs acceptance:

The IDL or IDP is a government-issued legal document that permits you to drive a vehicle in
any country that is in the IDP contract. The idea of international driving licenses began at a
conference of an international scale. The 1926 international convention of motor vehicles (signed in
Paris) discussed ‘permits’ related to international driver’s licenses.
International Conventions:
There is more to it than just the 1926 convention there. The three agreements identify IDLs and
Paris International Convention of 1926
1949 Geneva Convention
1968 Vienna Convention
In case they have registered in the country you are traveling to in these conventions, you can
avail the service of driving a vehicle there.
Format of the IDL:
An allowed IDL or IDP has a specified measurement of dimensions and a format. The
standardized measurements of the IDL are 105 x 148 millimeters. The color scheme is also the

Procedure to get an IDL:

Complete the IDL application downloaded from a government-allowed company’s website. You
can also visit the local office and submit your application; your valid US driver’s license; your

passport size photographs; and cash, check, or credit card with which you can pay up to 20
dollars. Keep in mind that some ‌branches might not receive the payment in cash or a credit
card, therefore identify the payment method in advance to save yourself from wastage of time.
However, a few branches might demand passport photos from you.

Few important considerations:

Keep in mind the local laws and the driving tradition when traveling in a foreign country.
The variance in the language, the lack of communication, and different driving cultures can be
difficult to adjust to. The information on this matter is available with the embassy in the US or
from a car rental service, which you can access easily. Also, you can use these resources to
find out about places that are unsafe for tourists so that you know what places nearby you
should avoid when getting out of the car.

Additional queries that will be helpful for you:

For how long is it possible to travel with a foreign driver’s license in the

Let’s assume that you get a driver's license in a foreign country, and afterward you travel back
to the US. How long you will ‌drive with that license, and what you will need to do to get a
license, will depend on where you live. You can expect to drive with that license (and with an
International Driving Permit) for at least six months. Whether you will need to take written and /
or practical tests depends on the country in which you were licensed, and the region you moved

Do the car rental companies require you to have car insurance?

The country you are traveling to might need foreign car insurance. If you possess U.S. car
insurance, you might not ‌claim insurance because of the different terms of car insurance of the
other countries. Clarify all the legal matters with your agent before departing.

What are the differences and similarities between IDP and IDL?

A common perception is that the " international driver's license" can act on all kinds of things,
such as a driver’s license, identify you or hide your identity. Most of this is wrong. International
driver’s licenses do not work without the IDP. International driving licenses (IDPs) have a very
crucial role. The IDP is a driving permit and can not be used as an identity and not be
acceptable by authorities without the IDP.


The international driver’s license is the most valuable document for those who ‌drive a vehicle in
the foreign country they are visiting. A good percentage of people prefer to use buses and other
public means of transport to move around. This limits you from freely moving around in a vehicle
and taking stops whenever you like to. If you want to have peace of mind while traveling in a
foreign country, you must have an IDL.