International Driving license

International Driver Licenses

An international driver’s license is a government-issued document for drivers to drive a vehicle in
more than 180 countries around the world. This document has your data, such as your name,
address, photo, etc. Eligibility criteria for getting the IDL is that the applicant must have been
living in the country for eighteen years and possess a driver's license as well. The local driving
license must be valid for the last six months. IDL is required, along with the IDP(international
driver permit) to drive a vehicle internationally. The IDL gets issued by the government body or
private agency authorized by the government. The international driving permit is not sufficient
for international travelers to be given rental car services. Both the IDL and IDP are
demanded by almost all the governments around the world to allow drivers to drive the car.
If any of the documents mentioned are missing, the applicant can not have access to car renting
services and if pulled over by police and found the document missing, the fines and court
hearings are imminent.

Prerequisites for making an international driver’s license:

Applicants for the IDL must be a citizen of the country for at least 18 years and have a
driver’s license in an active state for the upcoming six months. The IDL and IDP combined can
be used to avail of the services of rental cars in a foreign country. If anyone of the two documents
is missing, it is against the rule of law. These documents will allow you to drive your vehicle in
any foreign country throughout the world that accepts the IDL and IDP. The famous organization
in the United States that issues the IDL is The Automobile Association of America. Charges to
get IDL are $29. The document preparation takes 15 days and two days only if applied on an
urgent basis.

The variance between an international driver’s license and an international driver’s permit:

Many people have the same concept that the IDP can be used instead of any official document,
especially a driver’s license, which is highly wrong. In the US, the two organizations. The
international driving permit is a document that translates your information into several languages
so that you have a communication barrier while traveling abroad. Both of the documents have
equal importance, as they are both demanded by the car rental agencies before signing you up
for the service they provide.

Where to get an International License from:

In the US, the organization that is responsible for issuing the international driver's license is the
American Automobile Association. They have a flourishing system going on for a long time, and
people know about them through their advertisements. The U.S. trade commission has released
a presser which states that companies would come out as a fraud but not the American
Automobile Association. All the citizens are considered equal and no employee of this
organization has given any preference over the random citizens.

Key points on how to avail and use IDL:

The IDL issuing authority requires 15 days to verify your documents and assign the permission
to you after you have applied for it. If you apply for an IDL urgently, you will get it delivered in
two days times, maximum. While traveling abroad, you will need to carry the IDP along with your
IDL, as they do not accept the IDL without a permit. Payment of the IDL, shipment fee, and the
required documents and pictures are all equally necessary, as you can get your application
canceled if not all the required necessities are given.

Procedure to get an IDL:

The prerequisite for getting an IDL is a driver’s license that has been issued at least six months
ago. The license expiry age is 1 year. You can get your IDP from the issuing authority, such as
the American Automobile Association. Just go to their official website, take a printout of the IDP
application, fill in all the required data and submit the application. You can send the application
through mail or physically visit their nearest office. Don’t forget to attach two passport-sized
photos and a photocopy of your U.S. driving license.

Additional queries related to IDL that will be helpful for you:

Where to get the IDL from?

For a US resident, the preferred organization to get the service of getting IDL is the American
automobile association. This organization has the highest level of trust among the citizens and a
good reputation to maintain the best standards and best practices. The application form is
available on the company’s website, downloading and submitting will provide the IDL
within the next couple of weeks.

How to deal with traffic tickets while traveling as a foreigner?

If you are traveling abroad and get a traffic ticket, you can either give the payment or contest it
in a court of law if you are sure you are being wrongfully charged. You can handle the court
hearing online if you leave that country before the court trial.

What’s the expiry age of an IDL?

If you have availed of the 1949 IDL, it would be acceptable for a maximum of one year. The
commonly accepted is the 1968 status IDLs which has a 3 years age. Despite having the legal
time available in your IDL, you can’t use it for your driving license. Also, several countries allow
the IDP for a very specified time, such as a couple of weeks or a month.

What type of data do I provide to make IDL?

You should have any nice clear colors or straightforward images directly to your files, which
will work as well. You can use your business photographs, pictures from your vacation, or
pictures captured in a studio with a nice background. If you want a quick picture, take one using
your mobile phone and send it online.


A government agency or private organization designated by the national government issues
the driver’s license. The international driving license or permits are not legally valid and do not
grant any rights or legal rights to drivers. ONLY the government that issued a driver’s license
granted driver’s rights. Neither our IDL letter nor any other private company can issue a
document that will allow you to drive without a government-issued license, but with our
document and say that a government-issued license can drive anywhere in the world