Do I need an IDP?

Traveling abroad requires and carrying your driver’s license might not be enough, and therefore you people often have the common question “Do I need an IDP?”, well the answer is yes. Driving internationally and not carrying an IDP (international driving permit) can get you in trouble if pulled over by law enforcement authorities.

Countries that have made the IDP mandatory for non-residential drivers in order to drive a vehicle. Many cases have taken place where tourists have been pulled over and issued hefty fines by the authorities. You must have a legally issued IDP if you are going to be in the driving seat of a vehicle during your trip. And you don’t have it. Apply for it right away before going on an international trip.


Besides not getting fined by the law enforcement authorities, the IDP can make your traveling experience much more pleasing. Here are a few points.

Carrying an IDP has your information translated into ten different languages. These include; Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, etc. This helps you in an airport while boring, giving your information to the police while driving, and much more. The international driving permit reduces the risk of getting fined while driving in a different country.


The car rental agencies around the world have a requirement from international travelers to provide an IDP in order to avail the facility of renting a car. Even if you present your international driver’s, it won’t be acceptable and it will only provide the rental service if an IDP along with the driving license is present.


Penalties for driving without IDP in a foreign country:

Penalties for driving a vehicle without an IDP internationally are defined differently in different countries. Some countries have more strict policies and severe consequences for the breaching of laws, while others have kept lower penalties. For instance, In japan, the penalty of driving without IDP as a foreigner can get you behind bars or even deported.

In some countries, you might get heavily fined. If we do not pay the fine in due time, it can increase exponentially. You can also have your vehicle taken into custody by the authorities and given a date for the court appearance. The travelers who seek to leave the country before the court date are also provided the online court hearing facility.


Visit the embassy website and read all the does and don’ts of the country’s traffic policy before your visit. This not only saves you from getting charged by the authorities but also helps you understand the rules and regulations in depth, which will make your traveling experience a breeze.


Benefits of carrying an IDP:

An IDP will make your traveling experience better‌. It makes sure you can drive with peace of mind. The law enforcement agencies do not trust your national documents, relying only on the international driving permit to allow you to drive a vehicle.

The IDP will make communication with foreign police officers easier since they only need to have a look at your IDP and read your information that is translated in their local language. If you did not have an IDP, you would face a hard time explaining your information to someone that doesn’t understand your language.

Also, you can get heavily fined by the local police and no one wants to have to face such a situation while on an international trip. In case of severe charges, you might get deported, have your visa canceled, and be put in jail for the specified times.

The authorities will develop a good sense of trust towards you if you provide all the required documents and they will host you in a hospitable manner. They can provide you all the facilities that are only allocated for foreigners, which you can get just with the help of a single piece of document.

You can get the rental services in no time because of the availability of an IDP. The information required by the car rental agencies is all provided on your IDP. That’s why you only have to provide a copy of your IDP and pay the required amount of money. They grant you the service for the time you wish for.

All these benefits can make your traveling experience feel like home. Getting pulled over in a foreign land can destroy your whole trip and cause huge stress and feelings of guilt. Having all the required documents that are mentioned in a country’s traffic rules can make you feel confident to take a stand for yourself, protected by the law.

The procedure of getting an IDP:

Application for IDP has been designed in such a way that it takes just a few minutes for the user to submit. You will need to pay a visit to your government-authorized dealer along with your driver’s license copy. Attach two passport-sized pictures of yours that you have signed on its back with your application.

The IDP-providing organization has the facility of getting your passport-sized pictures at the time of application submission if you don’t have any. Provide all the ‌information, attach the pictures and submit.

These companies also have provided the facility to apply using their website. Visit the company’s website, download the application form, attach your pictures with the form, and submit it in the post office. You will receive your IDP in 14 days. On an urgent basis, you can get it in just two days’ time.

For how long is the IDP valid?

If you request an IDP for a 1949 convention, it is valid for one year from ‌the issue. The 1968 IDP models have validity for 3 years. But, the IPD can not be interdependent on your driving license. There are countries that would require you to show the IDP just for a couple of weeks, and afterward, you can drive just by showing your visa.

If someone is visiting the United States from another country and finds that they need an IDP, can they afford it at the local authority? The answer is no. The applicant must apply in the country of his residence. That is why if someone is having a French driver’s license, he/she must also provide an IDP as well.

Do you need auto insurance in the country you are visiting?


Authorities will ask for a document that is called Foreign car insurance in the country you are visiting. If you are having United states-based car insurance, that might not be accepted because the terms and conditions of the insurance differ from those of the country you are visiting.



What are some uses of IDL and IDP?


A common perception is that the “international driver’s license” can be used for many purposes, such as a driver’s license, to identify you. This has proven to be a myth that caused misery to many. An international driver’s license is dysfunctional without the IDP.

International driving licenses (IDPs) play a vital role. The IDP is a driving permit that is acceptable all over that, but it needs to be accompanied by the driver’s license. IDP has different requirements than that of IDL. IDL‌ has the form designed differently by each country.




I hope you have got the answer to the question “Do I need an IDP?” Be mindful and aware of the local rules and regulations of traffic. Traveling requires a lot of responsibilities and understanding your visiting countries’ laws in the basic and most important rule of thumb.

Don’t forget to carry an IDP while traveling internationally at all costs. You can have an enjoyable and memorable visit to another country, but not having the required driver’s Document, such as an IDP, can leave you in dismay.

This small piece of the document can give you many benefits, such as communication with the local authorities who don’t understand you. Language. The embassy. Websites can provide all the ‌information to you. Be aware of the traffic culture and dive cautiously while being in a strange environment.



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